Innovations in Textiles: Sustanability

Innovations in Textiles

The second in the Eco-Sessions series on Innovations in Textiles this event gathers leaders in the latest in ‘smart textiles’ (innovative, sustainable and socially responsible) to discuss how innovation can foster a more sustainable future with natural fibers and biofabrication.  Panel Discussion between Rebeccah Pailes-Freidman (Interwoven Design Group), Giusy Bettoni (CLASS – the latest in smart textiles includes recycled wool, organic silk, etc.) and Suzanne Lee (Modern Meadow). Moderator: Summer Rayne Oakes.

Mars Transit Habitat Exhibited at Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

NASA Wearable Technology Symposium

Navigation Assisting Visual Interface (NAVI)

The NASA Wearable Technology Collaboration for Leveraging Universities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Research (CLUSTER) engages students in NASA’s technology development efforts by connecting engineers and scientists in the conceptualization and prototyping phases of development with university faculty and students in relevant fields.

Once a year, all participating schools gather to present their research and demonstrate their prototypes at the annual Wearable Technology Symposium at Johnson Space Center.  This year’s Symposium included research teams from The University of Minnesota, The University of Alaska, Pratt Institute, Texas A&M, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame and Virginia Tech.

Students in Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman’s Wearable Technology class from Pratt Institute’s Industrial Design program presented four projects that focused on astronaut efficiency aboard the International Space Station. Because astronauts spend much of their time aboard the station carrying out experiments, the Astro VISION team designed a wearable device that improves the interaction between a camera module and user during an experiment, for a hands-free experience. The LUNA team developed a wearable interface to manipulate the lighting conditions on the space station, focusing specifically on brightness and light temperature, which impact astronauts’ ability to sleep.

The Navigation Assisting Visual Interface (NAVI) team designed a wearable device that points astronauts to the correct cargo transfer bag when locating items stored in one of hundreds of identical bags aboard the station. The Receptive Active Communication Hub is a push-to-talk solution developed by the REACH team to give astronauts separated from crew members on other ISS modules the ability to relay information and data. All of the solutions developed by the students over the course of the year are focused on improving astronaut efficiency through wearables.

Super Sensing Forum – Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

The first annual Super Sensing Forum, brainchild of acclaimed Japanese product designer and design engineer Satoshi Nakagawa, brought together a wide range of designers, engineers and researchers to discuss design that integrates sensor technology with the five human senses.

Super Sensing is an approach that dramatically changes the domains in which our sensory organs operate and the objects on which they focus. In the Super Sensing paradigm, advanced sensor technologies expand the realms into which our senses can reach and the fields in which they record.

This forum is the first to focus on the usefulness and possibilities of sensing design and technologies in a wide range of industries. In so doing, the members are working to develop practical solutions that create value for industry in the form of new sensing designs.

As a keynote speaker, Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman spoke about the advancements in smart textiles and her own work in translating wearable technology into desirable kinetic accessories as beautiful adornments that bring us closer to one another through authentic emotional communication.

WithMe Wearable Baby Monitor Debuts on ‘America’s Greatest Makers’

America’s Greatest Makers

America’s Greatest Makers is a 2016 reality TV show on TBS that chose 24 teams from thousands of inventors and creators to compete for a $1 million prize. The judges are Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, game show host Kevin Pereira and radio and TV personality Carol Roth. In its first season the show featured guest judges Kenny Smith, Mayim Bialik, Shaquille O’Neal, Massimo Banzi and Mike Rowe. Sponsored by silicon chip maker Intel and produced by Mark Burnett (of Survivor fame) and MGM Television, America’s Greatest Makers also enjoys a large viewership on its website, with video segments hosted by Cara Santa Maria and guest correspondent Chris Hardwick, of Nerdist.

WithMe co-creators Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman and Bryan Wong saw their product through the fourth of 8 episodes, outlasting half of the 24 teams that began the competition. Intel says the show exists in large part to foster a collaborative relationship with the maker community — the hackers and inventors whose creations are likely to drive the evolution of the Internet of Things. A second season was announced in May 2016.

‘Smart Textiles for Designers’ – Launch and Book Signing

Smart Textiles for Designers

We are on the cusp of a revolution, where the intersection of technology, the human body and everyday objects will become completely seamless. Smart textiles are a key part of this revolution.

Smart Textiles for Designers, Inventing the Future of Fabric introduces the different qualities and properties that can be embedded in, integrated with and applied to fabrics, and examines the different contexts in which these smart textiles can be used, from healthcare to haute couture, firefighting to sportswear. A survey of specific fabrics grouped by properties provides a core reference section and a palette for the designer to work from. The book also examines five different design approaches and features interviews with leading designer and design teams, showing their processes and working methods.

The first book to focus on this exciting and quickly developing area of technology through the eyes of a designer, Smart Textiles for Designers is both a core reference work and an inspirational guide for students and professionals alike.